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7 Tips for How to Reduce Pimples Naturally

7 Tips for How to Reduce Pimples/Acne Naturally
We give quick solutions for reduce pimples/acne at your own home remedies.

Take healthy foods daily:

Try to must avoid foods are oily foods, junk foods and salty foods. Instead of that foods must follow diet high in fiber, including leafy greens, fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains. Vegetables contain important nutrients need for healthy skin and hair as well.   

Just keep the daily habit of face wash at least twice a day with pure water. And also don’t do squeezing of pimples. Because, if squeezing that pimples can spread on your faces so must exemption that.

Follow these 7 tips to reduce the pimples/acne:        

Orange peel powder is one of the best use and step for skin cleansing.  Orange peel powder with the pinch of turmeric gently mix with pure water apply on your face. If continuously use this you can find best results on your face.

You can find toothpaste but, don't buy gel toothpaste. Must it be an actual paste, take a small amount of paste on your finger on your pimple area, don’t apply too much. Leave for 2min for drying. Still for drying don’t touch pimple. For remove the paste use a washcloth with warm water. Don’t scrub, be gentle while clean paste.

Aloe Vera:
Aloe Vera provides wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation. It also acts as a growth of new cells. 

Aloe Vera has huge content of water. Take an Aloe Vera flesh apply on your face and leave for drying, after wash with normal water. It is a great way to hydrate, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin.

Ice cubes:
Ice cubes helps to reducing the size of acne/pimples. Place an ice-cube on your pimples. It helps to reduce the pimple and redness.

Use sandal paste with turmeric or Multani matti or rose water apply on your pimples then leave for few minutes for drying and wash gently with water. If you follow these, you can see better result soon.

Mint Leaves:
Mint paste/juice is one of the great ways to reduce pimples. It’s the best herbal home remedy. 

Clean properly of mint leaves and well grind take juice or (extract) paste apply on your pimples and leave for 5-10min and wash with water. At least use this tips week once continuously.

Neem Leaves:
Take the neem leaves with turmeric well grind and apply that neem paste on your pimples. Leave for few minutes and wash with water, don’t wash with soap or any face wash.

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